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More Tips To Earn Money In This Site

By Admin -

Certainly, there are more tips to earn money in this site. Traffic is one of those important factors for you to be successful in earning money for your wonderful posts in co-ordination with your Google Adsense ads. Without visitors, your wonderful, amazing, super funny videos, photos or website just can't be seen by others. Let alone earning money by showing your ads, am I right?

Rest assure that we will try our might to get traffic to this site, each and other day, But you yourself need to do something more, yes, just a little more to get your own posts and profile being seen by others as much as possible. Beside all those tips to earn money our members has posted, there are more tips updates in this page coming your way for a better share earning in this site. Have fun!

If you have some other tips to earn money for sharing with our members, feel free to post it on your bulletin board and/ or send it to us, we will post it on this page if it is good with your Member Profile name, more people can read it,learn it and at the same time, generates more earning credits for yourself almost automatically day by day.

Tips updated on 03 Feb 2008 (Newest tip at the bottom)

  1. The first tip to earn money in this site is by using Yahoo Groups. It is a great way to generate visitors free via member emails. Just go to that site, find an appropriate group and join it. Once you joined them, by approval or immediate access, you can send recommendation email to your members to visit your posts. However, there might be some spammers hiding inside the groups to spam you with your email address for nothing relevant to your groups, so for your best experience, never use your favorite email address or yahoo account to join.

  2. Use a better title for your posts is crucial. Example of a bad title I've found in this site, "Look Hot Hot Hot!!". Well, I think this member is trying to get more people to view his/ her posts and cranked out a title in this way, but it sounds desperate and have poor description for the video content itself. There are better way to write a title with relevancy, descriptive and much more interesting for more people to be able to find your posts even if it is out of the front page. You will get more people to find and view their content of interest, rather than tricking people to view content they do not find interested at first.

    Examples of a good title in this tips to earn money article, you should use some or all of the combination of [Call-to-action]+[Main keywords of content]+[Interesting description]

    Call-to-Action - Get, read, watch, buy, join etc are call-to-action verbs.
    Main Keyword of Content - Car, frog, girl, prank, joke, house etc are use to let people know the content of your posts relating to and serves as a main keyword, easier for others to find your posts.
    Interesting Description - Funny, fun, sexy, huge, must see, top, most sexiest etc are some recommended interesting description.

    Some good examples of your titles should be, "Watch Funny Videos About Cats", "The Most Incredible Animal On Earth", "Fun and Enjoyable Pictures Of Bush" etc. I know you can do it better than that.

    Also remember to use Title Case for your titles! I have seen members using all lower case for English posting. That is not nice actually. Good reasons for a better title are, all lower case does not stand out from the Search Engines' result page in order for more people to view and click for your posting. if someone wish to find something about cars, they are sure to input their keywords using "cars" and also with some other description like "funny", "expensive" or even "flying".

    Search Engines like Yahoo, MSN or Google will index your posts sooner or later, if you don't include some relevant keywords for your post, how are people on the Search Engines going to find you? Do you think people will use one of those words within "Look Hot Hot Hot!!" to find videos about cars? And please use words than symbols, like ! @ # $ % ^ & * etc.

    Don't waste the title space for symbols that doesn't represent anything nor serving as a keyword for others to find you. The last part of this title matters is, please don't SPAM the title with keywords or description that does not even related to the content! You are annoying your precious visitors away! For example, using title like "Some Funny Videos for Your Entertainment" for a video that shows only a crying scene. Spamming is against the rules of posting, and we ensure that your posting get deleted soon. Look for the long terms of success, don't be short-sighted. Thanks for reading this tip to earn money.

  3. One of the tips to earn money with your posts automatically is to bookmark your own posts with Social Bookmarking sites available free on the Internet. Once you created an account with them, you can save your posts URL to their system and let other fellow members on those sites able to find those posts with the similar tags (some sites don't use tags) they are interested in.

    It is better to bookmark it yourself first and write a good title with relevant note or description than to wait for others to do it for you. We have made it fast and simple with a script for you to bookmark it yourself to all those sites recommended. Just turn to your posts and click on the little "Bookmark" button below your video and photo posts, a little Window will popup and bring you to all the sites you can save your wonderful posts onto. For Chinese bookmarking site, I recommend you join Baidu, a site for Chinese only. Nice, simple and fast way to promote your posts huh? Do it now.

  4. Get linked to your posts from Squidoo! Don't know what it is? Well, Squidoo is another web portal that offer free online earning with your "Lenses" (Web pages) that you can create from their free hosting and modules. You can even choose to let your earning go to charity in any portion.

    One of the tips to earn money from your posts here is to get them linked from your blogs, websites or Squidoo Lenses. What a win win solution! If your Lenses don't earn money right away, visitors from your Lenses can click and come to your posts in this site from the links of those lenses.

    Example of top rated lenses you can get linked right away is Funny Video Clips And Comedy Entertainments Lens. Login as a member on their site first, scroll down to "Recommended Videos", just below the video links, click the "Add to this list" button, paste your clipfreefunnyvideo posts' URL web address onto the box, click "Done Adding" button, edit your title and description then submit your posts' link.

  5. Get into the theme of this website is important! The most videos that people wished to watch in this site are the one that contains the element of fun, funny or interesting contents! As such, it is always better to post more of those relevant contents to make the most out of this site's traffic and earn money!

    According to the traffic statistic collected from our traffic tracking software, the most keywords that brings in visitors to your posts from referring searches mostly have something to do with "fun", "funny" and/ or interesting criteria. Why not post more of those to suit your visitors' need and urge and you can get more people wanting to view at your post?! More people, more views, more chances to earn more money! As easy as that. Moreover, our website's theme is free funny video clips. One word for it, stay in the theme of this website; give your visitors interesting contents and not just any contents.

  6. Earnings from posts varies on each member, and we cannot guarantee any high earnings or high click thru rates from any page since members posted them with their own hands and there are some criteria that gives member a successful earnings.

    On the other hand, you must understand Google's Adsense prefers to show relevant ads to every page than irrelevant ads automatically, due to their experimentation showing that relevant ads yields higher click thru rates than irrelevant ads. But you must also know what kind of words or phrases in your title will render you more relevant and high click thru rates or even high payout ads to your posts in order to get good earning opportunity for yourself. Those tactics required advance software.

    One basic fact is, if you posted a poor title with no keywords (or phrase) that can yield any relevant ads related to your post, Google will automatically try to show ads that are not relevant, as much as possible from their ads inventory. Your click thru rates might then be poor, render you low earnings! Worst, if they cannot show any ads based on each page's wordings, there won't be any ads for your opportunity.

  7. You shouldn't visit your own posts or pages unnecessarily too much. The reason is, when you visit your page, and you are not clicking on any of the ads (You CAN'T, because it is against Adsense's Policies), the click thru rates will surely fall below, might resulting your ads to have a low payout than usual when the next real visitor click it, due to Google's Smart Pricing system for their advertisers! Anyway, a few decent visits shouldn't do you any harm.

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