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Video Zone

Q: Are there any limitations on video subject?
A: No.  But the subject should not contain any improper words.

Q: Can I give comments?
A: No, at this moment, members cannot post comments yet.

Q: Can I edit my video subject after post?
A: No, at this moment, members can only post videos & delete own videos.

Watch this video tutorial about posting video with embed code.

Photo Zone :

Q: Can I upload photos? 
A: No.  As we’d like to enhance the quality of shared photos, members should upload photos in other website or web-pages before post them here.

Q: Where can I upload my photos?
A: You can upload them at Yahoo! Photos, Bloggers, Xanga Photos; or search ‘free, upload photos’ in internet.

Q: How many photos I can post?
A: In each ‘Topic’ in Photo Zone, member can post maximum 9 photos.

Q: Why I can’t see the photos clearly?
A: You can click on that photo to enlarge the photo size.

Q: Can I use photos to reply that Topic?
A: No.  If you’d like to post photos, you have to post in ‘New Topic’.

Q: Is there any limitation in photo reply?
A: No.  Your reply should contain at least 10 Chinese words or 20 English words.


Website Zone

Q: Are there any limitations in Website Zone?
A: Not really, you can recommend some web-pages that are interesting & attractive; and, never post improper subject or content. 

Q: If I found there is something improper post, what should I do?
A: Click ‘Spam Report’ and tell our site admin; we will check it & take necessary actions.

Credit Systems :

Q: What does ‘contribute content’ means?
A: That means, if you have post videos or photos; or you have given reply to videos or photos’ posts, you will get credits.

Q: If people click to my profile, will I get credits?
A: Yes, you will.   However, if you click to your own profile, you will not get any credits.

Q: When my posts or profile gets 10 views, how many ads can I get?
A: Your Google ads will be shown 10 times.  That means when visitors go to your post page; like photo page, video page, reply page & profile page, ALL Google ads they see are all under your Adsense account.

Q: If I contribute more contents at Clip Free Funny Video website, I will have better chance to make money?
A: Yes. If you contribute more contents, you may have more people watch your content and profile, then you can get more chances to show your ads; so there is better chance you make more money.

Q: What will Clip Free Funny Video do with spammers?
A: Clip Free Funny Video has installed a system to track spamming activities.  If anyone does spamming activities, Clip Free Funny Video will take appropriate legal actions on it anytime!

Q: Sometimes my Google Publisher ID do not show up, and instead it show another Publisher ID?
A: It was due to the ratio setting of our website set to Admin 3 : 7 Member. In fact, it is normal to see that. Because we need fees to maintain the website itself, so we took 30% of the chances to show the admin's Publisher ID.

Rest assure that members' credits are used to show only their own Google Ads and not any others. Credits that are not used will be saved to a later time. If a member posted a post, since one visit = 1 chance, the very next time when any visitor come to any of that member's post, the credit will be used as soon as possible. So there won't be a problem concerning members saving too much credits that won't be used.

You may also check your credits' stats after you logged on to your account, and by clicking "My Statistics" at the top right hand corner.

Also, either the admin's or the member's Publisher ID will show within a page at a time, not both. This is to implement Google Adsense's program policies. You may continue to track your own earnings coming from our website by logging in to your Adsense account and insert our main URL, clipfreefunnyvideo.com to create an URL Tracking Channel. Or even with any of your posts' URL for per-page tracking.

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